Prince and Estate Planning

Hi All, Like many of you, I was shocked to learn about the recent death of Prince. But what shocked me just as much was this article, which says the music superstar died without a will! True, Prince died at a young age — 57 — but with an estate of an unknown (surely sizeable)… Read More »

Montgomery Ward’s Quiz

Are you, or a family member, concerned about how to pay for long-term care costs? Are you providing care to someone over the age of 65? Is someone in your family in a nursing home and using hard-earned assets to pay for care? Do you want to stay in your own home, even when you need long-term… Read More »

Living Single in a Couples’ World

  Hi Again Folks Montgomery Ward here I just can’t get through today’s entertainment section without having to divide by 2; that is so I can find out what restaurants are charging for a single Valentines Day meal.  I understand the whole Noah’s Ark thing, but it seems we singles aren’t always given equal time in our modern world-at… Read More »

Get One Of These For Your Wallet

Hi Again Folks, Montgomery Ward here. It’s the same thing every year. My people are planning on taking me on a car trip to enjoy some winter in the beautiful mountains. They’ve already carried the suitcases down from the attic-that’s always a dead giveaway. But here’s how I know for sure what they’re up to…. Read More »

Veterans’ Aid and Attendance Benefit: Are You Missing Out? Find Out if You Qualify For the Aid and Attendance Program

Veterans Benefits Veterans and their families are our nation’s greatest heroes. Sadly, millions of these men and women are eligible for Veterans’ Benefits but do not receive them. How is this possible? There are many reasons, including confusion over available benefits, eligibility requirements and the complicated approval process itself. Worse, one of the most valuable… Read More »

Veterans’ Day

Hi Again Folks, Montgomery Ward here. Every year we set aside November 11 to honor our veterans-our nation’s greatest heroes. I happen to have a very special veteran to honor. This is our first Veterans’ Day without Papa (that’s my Mom’s human Dad). He died this year and my people and I miss him a… Read More »

Protecting Your Assets

Hi Again Folks, Montgomery Ward here. In my last article, I told you how my paw had fallen asleep from all the typing. I heard my people say something about CARpel tunnel syndrome. I didn’t waste any time sticking around for the rest-I am hiding under the bed now. I learned how to use M…. Read More »